About Me


The version I tell my new kids at the start of every year:

Hi, my name is Emily, I am a Gryffindor and I love Star Wars and things that are stripy. I also love checking my mailbox, singing and people that ‘have a go’.

The boring version for adults:

My name is Emily Fintelman and this year I’m a grade 5 teacher, leader of my team and literacy leader at a school in inner Melbourne, Australia. You can follow me on twitter @mrsfint. I love exploring the ways we can practically re-think education to ensure powerful and relevant learning for students. I am especially passionate about using technology to enhance learning and to create opportunities for students to connect and make an impact locally and globally.



You might find me writing about:

  • using tech in the classroom
  • leadership
  • inquiry
  • teaching literacy, maths, CBL and any other thing that pops up.

This blog has a few purposes.

It is mainly designed to share my ideas about teaching with a wider audience than just Kim in the classroom next door. I was once in a school that encouraged teachers to “shamelessly steal” great ideas from one another. I believe that good teachers stay connected and rely on learning from each other.

The blog is also an opportunity for me to reflect on my practice. Even if no one reads it, it will still be beneficial for me. That is, that’s how I’ll console myself if I have no readers.

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  1. Dear Emily,

    Congratulations on starting your ‘teacher blog’. I am excited that you will be able to share the wonderful things you do in the classroom with a wider audience!

    Your enthusiasm for trying new things and always extending yourself is a great characteristic of a 21st Century teacher.

    Looking forward to reading more,


  2. Dear Mrs Fintelman,

    Is there anyway I could contact you to ask some questions?

    From a previous student you have had…

    1. Hi, thanks for getting in touch!

      If you’re old enough, you can tweet me or send me a DM on Twitter – my handle is @mrsfint. If not you could get your parents to do it with you. Hope that helps!


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